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The Warrior Group

We want you to hire veterans!

Military veteran talent program

With over 20 years of proven and experienced team builders, The Warrior Group & Warrior Financial, LLC is proud to offer the Military Veteran Talent Program. It is our mission to see that every one of our veteran brothers and sisters not only succeed but thrive in life after the military. We are dedicated to accomplishing this by bridging the gap between the military and private sector workforce.  We are available to assist, advise, and recommend strategies for companies of all sizes.

Every day, companies are challenged with recruiting, retaining, and building a culture involving multiple generations and demographics. Military veterans are amongst the nation's largest, most capable, and experienced group in the workforce.


The Warrior Group will work with your company leadership and stakeholders on-site to better understand, translate, and transfer military veterans’ skills and experience when attracting, recruiting, and retaining these men and women within your organization.


What You Will Learn

  • Why YOU should hire veterans

  • What makes the military workforce different

  • Encouraging growth with veterans

  • Military culture

  • Workforce generational change

  • Military transition assistance programs

  • Available resources

  • The job search​

  • Life after the military

  • Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) crosswalk

  • Verifying credible military service

  • Attracting veterans to your organization

  • Recruit, Retention, and Attrition Management

  • Onboarding

  • Creating value through benefits

  • National Guard & Reserve Servicemembers