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The Warrior Group

Military Servicemembers

As a veteran-owned business, we know first hand how proper planning protects you and your family both stateside and away on a deployment. The Warrior Group is available to assist, advise, and recommend strategies to ensure your financial readiness while in the military and life after. 


Two of the greatest military benefits is access to Tricare Healthcare and Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI). We can help navigate through your challenges and determine what options are the best.

You may be surprised!


Tricare Resources

What is Tricare?

TRICARE is the Department of Defense’s health care program that provides comprehensive coverage to uniformed service members and their families around the world. 


Military retirees and current members of the National Guard & Reserves with civilian jobs are often enrolled in Tricare for their health insurance but do not have voluntary benefits that can help with the unique out-of-pocket expenses on a pre-tax/ payroll deducted basis.

Tricare Supplement

The Warrior Group is proud to partner with Selman & Company to offer a Tricare Supplement available through civilian employers on a pre-tax & payroll deducted basis for Tricare eligible employees. Traditionally only offered through professional military associations, Selman & Company has created the supplement plan to be a cost-effective solution for those employees to manage their share of TRICARE related medical and pharmaceutical expenses. 

Our TRICARE Supplement is designed to wrap around TRICARE for military retirees and offer them the opportunity to save on their healthcare expenses. It offers a cost-effective alternative to the seemingly endless increase in employer’s healthcare costs. With the Supplement, retired military employees that have embarked upon a second career and current National Guard & Reserve servicemembers with civilian careers can opt out of the employer’s plan; select TRICARE as their primary plan and the supplement as secondary.

The return on investment for employers


Military veterans, retirees, and members of the National Guard & Reserve are some of the best, brightest, and most capable employees an employer can invest in. Offering the supplement plan presents a valuable proposition and while employees may utilize a cost-effective method to manage their medical expenses, employers may benefit from a reduced exposure to the rising costs of group health care.


While this program is available for individual purchase, members without the privilege of a payroll and pre-tax benefit will pay a higher premium.

Servicemembers Group Life Insurace (SGLI)



Servicemembers covered under the SGLI program have the option to convert their SGLI coverage to an individual policy of insurance within 120 days from the date of separation from the military.